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Jam Cookies

what we do

Thank you for checking out our social media page! Welcome! Social media is such a weird but essential part of your business and it can be difficult to navigate when it is not your passion. The reality of our world is that your future guests and clients are constantly online and you need to be too. That is where we come in. This is a passion of ours and we love creating an online experience and personality for businesses. We both received our degrees in acting which is all about character development, story telling, and being human. Your business needs your voice and we are here to tell your story with our unique set of skills. 

digital social marketing strategy, creation & execution
product & brand photography

influencer relations & events
daily stories
instagram, facebook, twitter
minimum of four posts a week (every other day)
community outreach, we respond to online interactions

check out our gallery!

*looking for someone to do photography for your business? we do that too! send us an email and let's discuss what you're looking for. *

We are here to help and would love to talk. Please contact us with any and all questions!
We are happy to work with your budget. 
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